About Us

Our Story

The WillowBrew story begins with Santo and Silvana Mengoli, an Italian couple with a deep passion for coffee, who found their way to the enchanting KwaZulu Natal Midlands. Despite their love for their new home, they longed for the rich flavors of their beloved Italian brews at prices that felt like home. Their quest led them to team up with the Dewkarans, a local family with a knack for entrepreneurship and a rich history in South Africa’s beverage industry. Together, fueled by our shared love for coffee and commitment to excellence, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving superior coffee products and unmatched customer care to fellow coffee aficionados across South Africa. Since then, our offerings have expanded to include an array of coffee beans, ground coffees, and top-of-the-line coffee machines, ensuring there’s something special awaiting every coffee lover who visits us. Join us on our journey and let’s share the love of exceptional coffee together! (Picture: The WillowBrew Team at our first Royal Agricultural Show Grounds event)

The WillowBrew Team at our first Royal Agricultural Show event.

Our Mission and Values

Fueling South Africa’s passion for exceptional coffee by delivering the finest beans and brewing experiences, one cup at a time. At our core, we value quality, authenticity, and community. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality coffee beans while honoring the rich traditions of coffee craftsmanship. Integrity guides every aspect of our business, from fostering transparent relationships with our suppliers to providing exceptional service to our customers. We believe in the power of coffee to bring people together and enrich lives, and we strive to cultivate a culture of inclusivity and connection within our community.