How can I tell the quality of coffee beans?

WillowBrew Coffee Merchants are passionate about supplying high-end authentic Italian coffee beans and ground coffee in South Africa.

In this article, we will be looking at how to know the quality of coffee beans and which choice you should make when it comes to investing in that special blend of coffee.

To begin with, coffee beans are known to be of great quality if the bitterness is pleasant, as opposed to sharp or rancid aftertastes. An additional characteristic of a superior blend of coffee beans is the colour. Unroasted coffee beans are slightly pale and beige with a hint of green. To refine your coffee drinking experience, we would recommend considering factors such as roast level (Light, Medium, Dark, etc.) and the grind size of the coffee. In addition, store your coffee in an airtight container, or unopened bag with a one way valve to retain flavour and freshness.

One of the most unique selling points of quality coffee beans is the aroma. The smell of the freshly-ground coffee is known as the fragrance, and is a good indicator of the overall freshness of the coffee bean. Bitterness also extends to the taste factor that could either hold a sweet (sucrose) or sour (tartaric acid) as well as salty (sodium chloride) aftertastes that could indicate the quality of the coffee beans.

Different baristas will also define quality coffee beans that have smooth textures and evenly coloured. Other descriptions would be the visual examination to look for defects in the coffee beans. Illustrative examples would be green coffee defects where the beans could be split, immature or crushed. Some typical quality aroma descriptors can range from floral aromas to nutty subtle nuances from the brewed coffee. Another key characteristic associated with the quality coffee bean is the body of the coffee. This would imply the overall heaviness, thickness and viscosity of the coffee that coats your mouth with all of the flavour notes.

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