Caffè Mokarabia – Moka Coffee Beans -1kg


  • 1KG
  • Bag features a one-way valve to ensure freshness
  • Dark Roast Coffee Beans.
  • 100% Robusta Coffee Beans
  • Woody, and Liquorice Flavour notes
  • Very intense taste

Caffè Mokarabia Moka Dark Roast Coffee Beans delivered to your door, anywhere in South Africa. Order now!

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Experience the unparalleled intensity of Caffè Mokarabia Moka Coffee Beans. Moka is crafted using only the finest Robusta beans sourced from top-quality origins. Diverging from blends featuring Arabica beans, Moka sets itself apart with its unmatched potency that ignites the senses like no other. Through meticulous dark roasting and expert blending, Moka unveils a bold and robust flavor profile, accentuated by distinctive woody and licorice notes. It will leave a lasting impression on the palate.

Trusted and cherished by South African coffee enthusiasts seeking an exceptionally intense coffee experience, Moka serves as a beacon of uncompromising quality and flavor. Moka stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting each cup of coffee. It promises a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary. Elevate your coffee experience with Caffè Mokarabia Moka Coffee Beans—the epitome of intense coffee perfection.

Why Robusta Coffee Beans?
Robusta coffee beans exhibit an intensity that surpasses Arabica varieties, boasting caffeine levels ranging from 2.2% to 2.7%. This high caffeine content gives Robusta beans twice the punch of their Arabica counterparts. Renowned for its thick crema, Robusta coffee adds a distinct character and appeal to every cup.


Shipped from our facility in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal via our speedy courier services, directly to you – anywhere in South Africa.


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