How to make Espresso with a Moka Pot

What is a Moka Pot?
The Moka Pot, or stove top espresso maker, invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, is a simple, effective, and elegant device which allows us to experience authentic Italian espresso in the comfort of our own homes. These pots work by passing pressurised water over Ground Coffee to produce an espresso. Many believe that true espresso can only be delivered by an expensive electronic espresso machine, however the Moka Pot can produce an espresso close, if not just as good as that produced by a coffee machine, at a fraction of the cost. Firstly, let’s understand what a Moka Pot is.

A Moka Pot consists of 3 parts:

The bottom chamber (A) contains water. When heated, steam pressure pushes the water through a basket containing ground coffee (B) into the collecting chamber (C).

How to make Espresso:

  1. Fill the Moka Pot with Water:
    Add water until the level is just below the valve on the side of the pot. Tap water will work just fine unless you live in an area where the water is very hard, or smells of chlorine. If so, use filtered water. DO NOT use distilled water; it lacks the minerals needed to give you a great tasting cup of coffee. If you have a new stove top espresso maker, run it once without coffee, then once with coffee to be discarded before using it to make your drinking coffee
  2. Add Coffee to the Moka Pot.
    Insert the Filter basket into the bottom chamber. When buying coffee to be used in a Moka Pot, look for the Moka Pot symbol on the pack. We recommend Mokarabia –Selezione Oro
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    If you have a coffee grinder at home, then you can buy a packed of coffee beans. Start by grinding the beans. Grind the beans slightly finer than the consistency of sugar. Grind it too fine, and the water will not flow through easily, grind it too coarse and the water will flow through too easily. Add coffee until you have a mound of coffee in the filter. Fill the basket, but do not press or tamp the coffee as this can restrict water flow.
  3. Assemble the Pot
    Screw the collecting chamber of the pot on tightly to ensure that water or coffee do not flow out of the sides.
  4. Place Stove Top Espresso Maker Over Heat
    Set your stove to medium heat, or a low flame if you have a gas stove. Do not make it too hot, or keep it on the stove for too long because if the coffee starts to boil it will become very bitter. Keep the lid closed so that the coffee does not spill.
  5. Adding Sugar
    Some espresso drinkers prefer their coffee with sugar. If you would like to add sugar to your espresso you could add it with a teaspoon and stir it; or you could use a slightly more complicated but rewarding method. Pour out the first few drops of espresso from your Moka into another cup. Then use a spoon to whip the sugar into a thick, rich syrup. You can add this syrup to your espresso cup before pouring the coffee.
  6. Washing a Moka Pot
    Never use soap to wash your Moka Pot; it will leave behind a residue that results in a soapy tasting espresso next time. Simply rinse each part of your pot thoroughly using water, and then leave it to dry.

We hope that you’ll now be able to enjoy the experience of authentic Italian espresso in the comfort of your own home using a Moka Pot. If you have any questions for us, feel free to fill out our Contact Form and we’ll help you make great coffee!

Prefer to watch? Here’s our tutorial:

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